Lot 3.49.00, Level 3 Level 3
BLACKBARRETT by Neil Barrett is Neil Barrett\'s 2nd line collection and is an extension of Neil Barrett\'s main line design concept. It carries all of Neil Barrett\'s trademark mainline fits, offering a complete wardrobe from an accessible price point.

BLACKBARRETT builds season on season into a core collection of sartorial staples, with the aim of creating a modern and timeless wardrobe.
Blum & Co
4.20.00, Level 4 Level 4
Blum & Co is now the leading fashion label in the upper-middle to high end executive wear. The core products of suits and dresses for the day and exclusive gowns for the evenings, coupled with limited quantities for customer exclusivity and individuality, have empowered the company with a differentiated and leading position in this market segment.
Café de Paris
3.06.00, Level 3 Level 3
Café de Paris, a contemporary French patisserie & bar in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. Offering a wide variety of delicious French pastries, authentic French cuisine and an impressive selection of French wines, Parisian cocktails & aperitifs and a wide selection of International beers & spirits.

The classic yet modern interior is a chic backdrop to the cafe’s eclectic, homely mix of old and new elements. With its comfortable red banquettes, vintage French posters and classic outdoor bistro chairs on the sunny terrace, the effect is French local meets urban espresso bar.
Elegance Club
3.01.04, Level 3 Level 3
Mr & Mrs Fragrance
Lot P5.18.00, Level 5 Level 5
Massimo Esposito and Simona Guerini, partners in life and work perfectly defines the brand they created to tell their story, sharing their joint olfactory explorations across four continents.

A deep and lifelong passion for travel gave birth to the idea of re-enacting the sensory experiences they have enjoyed together in some of the world’s most magical and evocative places, translating them into unusual blends of perfumes captured in attractively shaped containers.
Lot 1.39.00, Level 1 Level 1
Lot 3.64.00, Level 3 Level 3
Snow Factory
P1.03.00, Level 1 Level 1
The Morning After
Lot P5.17.00, Level 5 Level 5
The Morning After Cafe is an interesting mish mash of industrial and rustic design elements.

A place for friendships to bloom and relationships to sparkle; for families to bond and for new acquaintances to foster. Everything begins the morning after; with a hearty breakfast and a good cup of coffee.