Enjoy November Specials At Tokyo Street

  • Level 6, Tokyo Street
  • 01 Nov 2017 - 30 Nov 2017
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In conjunction with "Fuyu Yasumi" which means winter vacation in Tokyo, enjoy these great deals that are only available this month: 

1. Bling Bling Paradise
Enjoy buy 2 free 1 on embellished phone covers.*

2. De Keiko 14
Enjoy 10% off Doughnut collecction bags.*

3. Eureka
Purchase popcorn chocolate ball at RM12.90 only.*

4. Hanamori
Purchase red ribbon hair clip at RM39.90 only.*

5. i.i Collection
Purchase 1 handbag for RM48 and 2 for RM50.*

6. LOZ
Enjoy 1 "Motor Building Block" for RM30 and 2 for RM50.*

Purchase phone cases at RM25 each (NP: RM30).*

8. Optique Avenue By Paris Miki
Enjoy 7-% off selected items.*

9. Orient
Purchase selected watches at RM1360 (NP:RM1700).*

10. Pretty2u
Enjoy buy 1 "instant peel off nail polish" for RM25.90 and buy 3 for RM30.*

11. Summer By Aisha
Enjoy 50% off baby bikini with purchase of RM300 and above.*

12. The Keys Jewellery
Enjoy 1 clay handicraft earrings for RM29 and 3 for RM30.*

13. ToyGarden
Purchase "Star Wars First Order Stormstrooper Executioner" at RM99 (NP: Rm109.90).

14. Vareo
Purchase limited edition Swarovski phone case iphone 7 cover at RM119 and iphone 7+ cover at RM129.

15. Vovarova To Minako
Buy 1 item and get 10% off; Buy 2 items and above and get 15% off.*

16. Zen Bonsai
Receive 20% off with purchase of Bonsai worth RM100 and above.*

*Other terms and conditions apply.

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