3 Icy Treats To Combat The Hot Weather

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In a sunny country like Malaysia, icy treats are palate-pleasers. Read on for our list of 3 unconventional icy treats that are available in our mall for your pleasure!

1. Mango Coconut Ribbon by Hui Lau Shan, Level 6, +603 2110 3313

This icy mango dessert is made for mango-enthusiasts – we love how this dessert has fresh sweet mangoes, a scoop of mango sorbet and mango ice that hit different mango-notes of flavours and texture. Aside from that, coconut ribbons give the dish some crunch and also neutralise the mango flavours, making it pleasant to indulge.

The Mango Coconut Ribbon costs RM14.

Photo taken by @andrikanadia

2. ‘Bestseller Cold’ Grass Jelly by Snowflake, Level 4, +603 2144 8080

We absolutely love the ‘bestseller cold’ grass jelly dessert that are great to cool body heat. The smooth texture of the grass jelly together with taro and chewy sweet potato balls are fun to eat. However, prior to digging in, drizzle the slightly salted cream on the dessert for an extra creamy and savoury.

The ‘Bestseller Cold’ Grass Jelly costs RM9.70.

Photo taken by @lijing.s

3. Two-Tone Kakigori by MIRU Dessert Café, Level 6

The Kakigori is originated from Japan and is slowly becoming a favourite in Malaysia. We love this two-tone kakigori that includes 2 flavours – Milo and Horlicks! Before digging in, drizzle chocolate sauce on the kakigori as it increases the indulgence level for this dessert. It keeps us wanting for more!

The Two-Tone Kakigori costs RM25.
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