3 Under RM100 Random Act Of Love Ideas

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Have you ever had a #justbecause moment where you got a gift for a loved one #justbecause you miss them or thought of them? #Justbecause gifts don’t have to be expensive, they just have to be meaningful. Read on for our 3 gift ideas for random acts of love that are also affordable!
1. Leaf Pendant by The Keys Jewellery, Level 6, Tokyo Street

The Keys Jewellery specialises in designs that are nature-related, such as seashells and flowers. The Leaf Pendant seen above is made from AN ACTUAL MAPLE LEAF all the way from Japan. In Japan, many tourists failed to bring back the original leaf back as a souvenir as it can break-off easily in a short span of time. So, to solve this problem, a little factory is located within the maple trees, so whenever the leaves fall from the tree, it will be immediately gathered to be gold/ rose gold plated. Besides, there’s nothing more chic than a plant-inspired jewellery piece, especially when it took so much effort for designers to put it together.

The Leaf Necklace is retailing at RM59.
2. Fashion Front-Back Earrings by Hanamori, Level 6, Tokyo Street

Front-back earrings are fashionable statement pieces that are the latest trend from Korea and one has effortlessly caught our attention. Featured here is a cute butterfly as the earring and a flower as the stud. The flower stud also has a holographic effect, where hues of colours like blue, pink and green can be seen at the same time! It looks magical as if Thumbelina lives inside those earrings! #FairytaleReference

The Fashion Front-Back Earrings is retailing at RM55.90.
3.‘Bombshell’ Rollerball by Victoria Secret, Fashion Avenue, Level 2, +603 2143 7999

“Sexy today. Sexy tomorrow. Sexy Forever” is Victoria Secret’s motto for this exquisite alluring scent. The ‘Bombshell’ comprises a mixture of purple passion fruit, shangri-la peony and vanilla orchid. It’s definitely a fragrance that can be used in any occasion to boost up confidence and fabulousity. Not only do you get the long-lasting up-to 8-hours scent, you also get the convenience. Bid goodbye to insufficient handbag space, smelling good has never been this effortless.

The ‘Bombshell’ Rollerball is retailing at RM99.
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