4 Stripe Pieces that Bend Fashion Rules

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The debate on ‘to stripe or not to stripe’ is still ongoing as we speak; it’s as if wearing stripes is a fashion-crime. Today, let us combat the debate with our favourite stripes in the mall so you can judge for yourself.
1. ‘Brooke’ Striped Slit Skirt by Thavia from Fashion Valet, Level 4, +603 2110 2332

Our eyes are locked on this striped, slit skirt that features thin black and white stripes on a flowy and soft fabric. This skirt gives a sexy and sleek vibe, showcasing those sexy legs every step you take! Slip on a pair of strappy heels to complete your look.

‘Brooke’ Striped Slit Skirt is retailing at RM239.
2. ‘City Marina’ Striped Top by Chaps, Level 4, +603 2110 5334
We love how the odd coloured stripe (in blue) stands out, elevating the sweater top’s uniqueness. Plus, the bold and thick stripes will help to bring out class and sturdiness as it makes the shoulders look broader and well-framed. This top can be easily paired with long denim jeans and loafers.

The ‘City Marina’ Striped Top is retailing at RM409.
3. Striped Maxi Dress by Dressing Paula, Level 4, +603 2141 0819

This V-neck stripe patterned beauty is to die for; it has wave-like patterns that “flow” as you move. This is perfect for a sunny holiday and nice brunch date – just imagine this dress with a pair of shades and sunhat, it’ll be totally perfect.

The Striped Maxi Dress is retailing at RM189.90.
4. Striped Top by EDC from Esprit, Levels 4 & 5, +603 2141 4768

This grey striped top accompanying thin white stripes is a versatile top as it’s perfect for any occasion – as a buttoned-up look for a semi-formal occasion or as a layer over a t-shirt for a more flamboyant street look. The colour is grey which is neutral so it works well with any other colour.

The Striped Top is retailing at RM199.90.
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