Makeup Ideas To Stand Out At KLFW

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Clueless on how to make an impression with your complexion at the Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week (KLFW) 2017? Fret not, we’ve prepared easy KLFW-worthy makeup look to wear throughout KLFW!

1. Draping Blush Look

You heard of contour, but have you ever thought about contouring with blusher to give a sweet chic look. To achieve this draping blush look here is what you need:

UHD Skin Booster

Prior to any of your makeup routine, add a few drops of UHD Skin Booster to your palm and spread it across your face to hydrate your skin, making it smooth, subtle and perfect for makeup!

Highlight – H100 Palette
This look includes a soft highlight palette to enhance prominent areas of the face such as the cheekbones.

Sculpt – S-214 Palette

A pinkish palette is needed to have a sculpting effect to shape the face into having visible and bold lines on the cheeks. This is in contrast to the dark brown we normally see on a daily basis.

Blush – B-306 Palette

An orange palette is used as the blush on the apple of the cheeks to give the colours some gradient and to complete the makeup look with a sweet-tangy finish!

2. No Gender Blush Look

Who said men can’t apply makeup? It’s a form of facial art. The no gender blush look is beyond high fashion with contour techniques to create a smoky and dazed look. Create the look with:

Highlight – H-104 Palette

This highlight palette is at it again! Highlighting the cheekbones to reach its peak.

Sculpt – S-116 Palette

A shade of brown is used to sculpt the area of the cheeks and the nose to make them more prominent.

Blush – B-110 Palette

A lighter shade is needed to create a balance to the brown shade.

Brow Gel

To create ‘bushy no care’ brows look brush upwards using the long-lasting brow gel.

3. Catch The Light Look #1

Do you like glitter? Play with two-tone glitter to achieve this edgy and sleek look. To get this exact colour combination you’ll need:

Star Lit Power 19

Top or bottom? BOTTOM! Gently dab the bottom of your eyes to make the eyes pop!

Star Lit Liquid 03

Since the bottom part is popping with attitude, add golden shimmery Star Lit Liquid on the top of your eyelids to have a classy vibe.

Star Lit Powder 12

To add gradient, blend the Star Lit Powder 12 and Star Lit Liquid 03 to balance the shimmery golden Star Lit Liquid 03.

4. Catch The Light Look #2

Fancy an extreme outburst of colours and textures? What better time to try it other than during KLFW? Mimic this look and elevate your KLFW experience with:

Star Lit Powder 19

Dab around the eyes with the Star Lit Powder 19 for a glittery outburst with an artistic flare.

Mist & Fix

Spray on the Mist & Fix to make your makeup stay in place longer. Plus, it also matte the complexion, making it look smoother.

Star Lit Powder 05                                                       Brush 402

Silver and White Star Lit Powder is used to create artistic strokes using Brush 402. The application method is as if one is gently drawing strokes on one’s face, creating a masterpiece.

For more information, head over to Make Up For Ever on Level 3 or contact at +603-2110 6686.
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