Our Top 3 Go-To Cafés For Our Caffeine-Fix

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Caffeine-junkies are in luck as we’ve found 3 unique cafes in the mall to fix your caffeine cravings.

1. Cold Brew Tonic (Cold) by Artelier Coffee X Kitchen, Level 2

We’ve heard of cold brew coffee, but not cold brew tonic. This rejuvenating and bubbly delight is a combination of cold brew coffee with tonic water. Who said you can only get a fizzy-sensation through soft drinks?

The Cold Brew Tonic (Cold) costs RM14.

2. Butterscotch Latte by DOME Café, Connection, Level 3

Craving for a caramel-like caffeine drink? This butterscotch latte is a creamy delight that is great as a pick-me-up any time of the day; take a ‘chill pill’ and just relax in the soothing ambience of the café while you’re sipping away.

The Butterscotch Latte costs RM16.50 (Regular Size).

3. ‘Caffe Seattle’ (non-halal) by Azzurro Café, Level 2, +603 2148 8822

If you want an alcohol-kick in your caffeine fix, indulge in a coffee cocktail – the ‘Caffe Seattle’ has layers of chocolate, vodka, baileys, coffee and cream to satisfy your caffeine needs. Trust us, it will definitely boost your day!

The Caffe Seattle costs RM25.
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