Our Top 3 Hidden Japanese Restaurants

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Have you ever experienced an intense desire for simple and comforting Japanese food? We have listed out our top 3 non-conventional hidden Japanese restaurants in our mall that satisfies our Japanese cravings.

1. Aburi Moriawase by Fuji Sushi, Level 6, Tokyo Street, +603 2110 6817

Our hearts melted as we savoured this plate of assorted sushi that includes a variety of fish such as salmon, yellow tail, butterfish, scallop and tuna. The ingredients are garnished with little elements such as soy sauce and different types of ebiko (fish roe) to elevate the sushi’s texture and flavour.

The Aburi Moriawase costs RM22.80.

Photo credits: @jacquelinekhoo

2. Bara Chirashi Don by Tokyo Teppan, Level 6, Tokyo Street, +603 2141 4519

This beautiful and naturally colourful rice bowl is donned with wonderful selection of assorted ingredients such as sashimi, avocado, sweet Japanese egg more diced into cubes to ensure easy-eating. All you need to do is drizzle some soy sauce and wasabi, then grab a spoon to enjoy this hearty meal.

The Bara Chirashi Don costs RM33.

Photo credits: @ashanoriko

3. Creamy Shio Ramen by Santouka Ramen, Level 6, Tokyo Street, +603 2143 8878


Not a fan of cold-cuts? Have a nice steamy bowl of ramen instead! We were blown away by the savoury and creamy soup that are not creamy in texture but in flavour. Plus, the pork slices in this dish is melt-in-your-mouth standards that will ignite your appetite.

The Creamy Shio Ramen costs RM28.
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