Our Top 4 Hearty Breakfast Spots

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A satisfying breakfast is vital to start off a brand new day on a good note; a simple misstep for breakfast may ruin your mood throughout the day. To avoid that fiasco, we’ve picked out 4 hearty breakfast dishes in the mall that couldn’t go wrong.
1. Bacon & Egg Pancakes by J & D Espresso, Pavilion Elite, Level 7, +603 2110 5981 (Non-halal)

We are loving the bacon and egg pancakes – it’s a combination of savoury and sweet that has stacked fluffy pancakes layered with flavourful herbed spinach, mushrooms, crispy pork bacon and a poached egg. To make things better, this dish is drizzled with maple syrup too – it’s absolutely heavenly!

The Bacon & Egg Pancakes costs RM25.
2. Jumbo Breakfast by IT Cake, Pavilion Elite, Level 7, +603 2110 3657

The ultimate hearty and filling dish is here – just look at the portion! We’re salivating just by looking at it. This huge portion includes a choice of beef or chicken ham and sausage, hot baked beans, sautéed Cajun potato cube, tomatoes, home baked french toast and also 2 choices of egg (sunny side up, over easy or scramble) as well as sides (fresh salad, french fries or potato wedges). It’s a dish made for sharing, so go on and eat to your heart’s content.

The Big Breakfast costs RM45.
3. ‘Tunisian Breakfast’ by Wild Honey, Level 6, +603 2110 1626

The ‘Tunisian Breakfast’ blew our taste-buds away with its unique presentation and flavours – it involves a nice hot pan of shakshouka (tomato, red bell pepper, onion and red chile stew), beef and lamb merguez sausage, braised eggs with chopped salad and brioche on the side. This is legit a hearty meal packed full of flavors.

The ‘Tunisian Breakfast’ costs RM35.
4. Breakfast Crepe by Café de Paris, Level 3, +603 2144 4822

Bonjour! This French-inspired breakfast is definitely a dish to try – it has a thin crepe (french pancake) rolled with fluffy scrambled eggs, turkey ham and melted cheese, drizzled with hollandaise sauce. The combination of flavours are absolutely divine, especially when it involves the texture of the gooey cheese. Bon appétit!

The Breakfast Crepe costs RM22.
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