Play With Textures At 3 New Stores In Our Mall

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As we welcome new stores to our mall, let’s also welcome new textures of clothing in our wardrobe. We’ve found our top 3 end-of-the-month textures picks to widen your closet essentials to mix and match and be on par with the fashion trends.

1. The EA Antinea Coat by Emporio Armani, Level 3, 03-2144 9714

For the love of coats, we definitely want a fur coat in our wardrobe, especially one this chic – faux fur dyed with blue and black hues is a definite show-stopper. Plus, imagine fluffy and soft textures surrounding your body, keeping you warm and look expensive.

The EA Antinea Coat is retailing at RM4090.

2. Issey Violet Dress by Pleats Please By Issey Miyaki, Level 3, +603-2141 0389

A store focusing on clothing that are completely pleated is in town and exclusively in our mall! This Issey Violet Dress took our breath away with its light-weight pleated material that’s easily worn (and packed for a romantic getaway); Slip on your Cinderella shoes and strut away with your date.

Issey Violet Dress is retailing at RM1760.

3. Christian Dada Jacket by b. space, Level 2, +603-2141 0288

Guys, you’re in luck, b. space is up and running and stocking up with a variety of street and cool mens wear. The Christian Dada jacket that has a detached coating denim texture is a mixture of class and street cool; wear it over a t-shirt and you’re good to go!

The Christian Dada jacket is retailing at RM3890.
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