Spice Up Your Tastebuds With These 6 Indian-Inspired Eats

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As we celebrate this Deepavali with our mall’s “Flavours of Diwali” campaign, the best way to excite your senses is with 6 of these eats we’ve found in our mall that has Indian elements. Get ready for a flavoured-packed experience for this festive as we present to you:

1. Naan with Murg Gon Curry by Royal India, Level 6, 03-2143 3669

Nothing can beat an authentic Indian meal at our one and only Indian cuisine restaurant in our mall. We start off with crispy and chewy naan bread which is white flour Indian bread, baked in a clay oven for a crisp exterior and soft interior texture. Plus, to make the experience better, order the Murg Gon Curry to savour as a dip and protein source as it’s a dish that has tender chicken cubes that are cooked with coconut milk potatoes and herbs. Imagine the creamy curry on your naan – now that’s perfection.
The Naan costs RM14.

The Murg Gon Curry costs RM45.

2.Chicken Masala by Grandmama’s, Level 6, +603-2143 9333

Get to savour a taste of India with the chicken masala that’s especially available this festive. We love the spiced-packed flavourful chicken masala with a side of toasty Indian bread. Plus, the side dip such as yogurt balances the dish as a whole.

The Chicken Masala costs RM28++.

3.Yogurt & Curry Marinated Chicken by Marche Movenpick, Level 1

We must say the roasted yogurt & curry marinated chicken is one of a kind with its tangy and spiced flavours and moist and succulent textures – a combination that’s hard to resist. Plus, at Marche Movenpick, get to add-on other side dishes to complement the chicken, such as salad, potato rosti and more.

The Yogurt & Curry Marinated Chicken costs from RM21.90++.

4.Curry Popcorn by Eureka, Level 6, Tokyo Street, +603-2110 3883

Flavoured popcorn are old news, however, how often can you come across CURRY flavoured popcorn that tasted like legit curry spices that is highly addictive! One container is definitely not enough to contain our hunger for this snack.

The Curry Popcorn costs RM8.40.

5.Festive Chocolate Set by Patchi, Level 2, Pavilion Elite

This festive chocolate set is radiating with colourful wrappers that wrapped delicate gourmet chocolate pieces such as milk chocolate with crush almonds, dark chocolate orange peal, milk and dark chocolate mix nut crispy rice hazelnut cream. Besides these delicious melt-in-your-mouth chocolate pieces, the set also comes with a nice bling brooch. This set can be a nice gift for this festive or a nice and fancy “chocolate bowl” for your guest to savour.

The Festive Chocolate Set costs RM630.

6.Chai Latte & Samosa Set at DOME Cafe, Level 3, Connection, +603-2143 8588

Get to unleash your senses with a nice hot cup of chai latte that’s bursting with cinnamon flavours and creamy cinnamon sprinkled foam. Plus, the crispy samosa plays a great role in complementing the chai latte. It’s definitely serves well as a pick-me-up before the day or tea-break.

The Chai Latte & Samosa Set costs RM20++.
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