#DinnerDateDestination featuring Al Amber, Dining Loft, Level 7

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#DinnerDateDestination featuring Al Amber, Dining Loft, Level 7 #NewStore

Being the first Northern Chinese Muslim restaurant, Al Amber boasts more than 80 affordable food selections and 30 kinds of beverage in generous portions. Prepared using the freshest and finest ingredients, the dishes are created with a genuine passion to bring an authentic taste from China.

The menu is divided into five segments, namely Cold Dishes as Appetizers, Hot Dishes, Grilled Dishes, Pastry and a variety of Mi Tarik (Pulled Noodles). The spices are specially flown in from China to maintain the authenticity of the cuisine.

Outlet: Al Amber Chinese Muslim Restaurant
Precinct: Dining Loft
Level: 7
Cuisine: Chinese-Muslim
Seating Capacity: 70 pax
Private Room: 20 pax
Store phone number: 03-2110 2655

Special Feature: Modern Chinese Ambience

Al Amber’s interior plays on modern Chinese lattice pattern that focused mainly on white and dark wood tones that sets a calm oriental mood. Not to mention an extremely spacious and comfortable dining area for diners to tuck into the Northern Chinese Muslim delicacies.

Mini Lamb Bite: One-bite-wonders

Lamb dishes are a staple in Northern China as it’s used to warm up the body. The easy to eat dish - “Toothpick Lamb” is a well-marinated lamb dish that’s fragrant and spicy with a crispy texture.

Shrimp Bite: The Spicy Special

For those who enjoys Szechuan style Ma La dishes, order the “Steamed Shrimps In Hot Chilli Oil” dish for a spicy and numbing kick in every bite. The shrimps are cooked till perfection with the right bounce and texture that goes well with rice or noodles.

Lamb Bite: Fall-Off-The-Bone Beauty

A platter worth sharing - the Roasted Lamb Chops are first marinated for at least 5 hours using “sannai” spices (a special blend of spices that are exclusive to China) before being soaked in cold water for 5 to 6 hours and roasted into crisp perfection. These steps ensure a super tender, flavourful & crispy texture that made the lamb chops irresistibly addictive.

Brinjal Bite: Layered Goodness

One of Al Amber’s unique creation - “Sizzling Eggplant with Sauce” is where brinjals are layered with marinated mashed chicken. The texture is soft and smooth, while the taste resembles a savoury marmite chicken dish.

Noodle Bite: Handmade Delicacy

Al Amber prides itself on their hand-pulled noodles known as La Mian that utilises ancient Chinese techniques to maintain and create the perfect texture.

The “Special Handpulled Noodle with Beef” is a recipe that originated from Lanzhou, China where hand-pulled noodles are served in beef broth that has been stewed for 3 hours. Customers can also customise the thickness of the noodles and expect a huge dish portion, just like how it is served in Northern China.

Floral Swig: Drink Like An Elegant Chinese

An old time favourite in Northern China, Chinese Mixed Tea includes a mixture of herbs and flowers known to relieve heat in the body. This drink not only soothes the body but is also enjoyable with its fragrance and floral sweet notes.
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