#DinnerDateDestination featuring Ippudo, Level 4, Connection

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#DinnerDateDestination featuring:

Ippudo (Non-Halal)

Location: Level 4, Connection. 

Cuisine: Japanese

The renowned Japanese Ramen chain, Ippudo brings its signature tonkotsu ramen soup with the delightful aroma of pork and a light aftertaste. The selection of fresh ingredients and seasonings have suited the well-being of patrons; tempting them to return for more. Ippudo is the first to refer to their broth by color, Shiro (white) and Aka (red) which soon became a standard industry practice. Till this day, Shiromaru and Akamaru continue to be recognized as Ippudo’s signature ramen.

Available for takeaway and delivery via GrabFood and DeliverEat. 

Opening Hours: 11:30am – 8:00pm 

Contact number: 03-2110 6233

Fluffy Bites: Ippudo Signature Bun

This is the dream dish for those who appreciate perfectly soft and fluffy textures. The fluffy steamed bun is accompanied by the savoury and tender pork belly, drizzled with Ippudo’s special sauce. This dish plays with your palate with the wonderful textures that come with it, such as the bite from the pork belly, the crisp from the fresh lettuce, the creaminess from the special sauce and not forgetting, the softness from the steamed bun. 

Crispy Bite: Crispy Mochi

This is one of our favourite snacks before indulging the main. It has a crispy exterior that hides the soft and chewy interior of the mochi. With the combination of sweet and salty flavours, this dish can be quite addictive. 

Signature Bites: Akamaru Shinaji

Ippudo’s original creamy tonkotsu with a special blended miso paste and fragrant garlic oil really hits the spot. The aroma of the garlic oil, the richness from the soup and the meaty flavours of the pork loin bring out the intense flavours of the dish. This dish, so mouth-watering and lip-smacking that you would not want to waste any drop of the soup! Pro tip: if you’re a garlic fan, ask for fresh garlic that you can press (to your liking) into your piping hot ramen – highly recommended!

Compact Bite: Sake Mentai Rice

This small dish does not disappoint with its compact flavours. Grilled minced salmon and cod fish roe are placed on a bowl of fluffy Japanese rice, completing a wholesome and satisfying rice bowl. Once you’ve had it, you’d know why people often call this their go-to comfort food.

Creamy Bite: Salmon Roll

One of the most popular sides other than ramen, this platter of rolls welcomes you with a mouthful of flavours from the sweetness of the rice and the saltiness of the mentai. Each roll wrapped in a thick slice of lightly seared salmon is the highlight, topped with mouth-watering mentai and black caviar, adding a creamy finish to this insatiable dish. The combination of all its ingredients will surely get your taste buds rolling. 

Other dishes available for delivery:

(From left to right: Shiromaru Motoaji, Hakata Chasu Rice, Pan-Fried Gyoza, Chicken Nanban. Ippudo Kuro Special)

Ippudo is no doubt one of the best ramen restaurants in Pavilion KL, serving top-notch dishes that will not disappoint. Try them for yourselves today!

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