#DinnerDateDestination featuring The Loaf, Level 3&4

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#DinnerDateDestination featuring The Loaf, Level 3&4

Outlet: The Loaf

Level: 3&4

Cuisine: Asia, Western, Pastries & Coffee

Seating Capacity: 130 pax

Store phone number: 03-2110 1119


The Loaf embraces diversity by showcasing their wide range of gastronomic food and beverages for their beloved Loaf-ers’ Community. Here are some highlights on The Loaf’s signature dishes, coffee and artisan bakeries that you shouldn’t miss:

Taste of Loaf

An exquisite and extravagant array of local dishes, to name a few, Malaysian roasted spiced chicken, beef rendang, tiger prawn, and squid sambal served with a nourishing bowl of brown rice.

Classic Burger

A wholesome in-house juicy delight made from Australian beef patty, caramelized onions, beef bacon and cheddar cheese held together with The Loaf’s brioche sesame bun.

120 Day Grass Fed Rib Eye Steak

For steak Loaf-ers, this dish is served with 180g premium cut steak along with zucchini, brussel sprouts, bean sprouts, mustard sauce and mash potato.

Loaf Exception Latte

The Loaf Pavilion’s signature coffee is a thick blend of sugar syrup and coffee shot layered with foam milk decorated with edible flower.

Hot Cold Rose Latte

A sweet blend of rose syrup in this signature cold coffee and hot foam milk combination is a taste of class and elegance.


The Loaf’s signature bakery item inspired by Japanese dumpling is a creation of love and flavor with no preservatives and no artificial colouring involved. Made from 100% soy milk, the Oyaki is a favourite among
Loaf-ers. You can enjoy 6 Oyakis for RM22.
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