Fast & Easy: 7 Quick Lunch Ideas For When You're Busy

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There will be days when you are so pressed for time, you wished there are quick options that you can just grab and go. The good news is, we have a variety of such options – they are made to order so you can be sure of its freshness.

Craving a big and juicy burger? Touted the juiciest burger in town, Fuel Shack is a popular local fast food chain that uses 100% pure Australian grown beef for their burgers. Alternatively, head over to KGB- Killer Gourmet Burgers for some delicious cheeseburgers paired with their signature “Shack” sauce.

(From left to right: Fuel Shack, KGB- Killer Gourmet Burgers)

If you prefer a more conventional option, then you won’t go wrong with good old KFC and its famous Zinger burgers and set meals, or Pizza Hut, with its oven-fresh pizzas made with age-old recipes.

(From left to right: KFC, Pizza Hut)

Don’t miss out on LIANG’s Chicken Sandwich, touted as Jay Chou’s favourite, it features smoked chicken breast, shredded lettuce, egg crepe and a choice of the special LIANG sauce.

(LIANG Sandwich Bar)

For a healthier option, try the juicy kebabs from Stuff’d where soft pressed flour tortilla is packed with grilled juicy herb spice marinated chicken in freshly picked produce, sauces and topping of choice. The popular franchise, Subway is also a savoury alternative where you can customize your subs and wraps.

(From left to right: Stuff''d, Subway)

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