Must-Try Comfort Food

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#DinnerDateDestination featuring Must-Try Comfort Food

Foodies unite as we introduce a plethora of delicious and hearty comfort dishes made from the finest ingredients from concepts around the world at a new up and coming dining hub tucked in the corner on Level 1, where big names such as Gami Chicken, Go Noodles, HK Boy Cart Noodle, KD Hong Kong, Tan Tan Noodles Kitchen and Teppanyaki are stationed.

1. GO NOODLE HOUSE (non-halal)

A name not foreign to many, Go Noodle House is the brainchild of 3 Malaysians who turned a family recipe into a tastebud-sensation loved by many. The brand strongly adhere to the concept of “peng”, “leng”, “cheng” which means “cheap”, “delicious”, “quality” food, as a cornerstone for their immense success. One of the must-try bowl of goodness is the Bursting Meatball Noodles in Superior Soup where clear flavourful broth is splashed with a generous amount of Shao Xing Hua Diao Jiu (Yellow Rice Wine) for a refreshing umami touch. Let’s not forget about the highly popular bursting meatballs which will explode with rich meaty broth when you take a bite of it. In terms of type of noodles, we highly recommend to order up the ‘mi xian’ which is smooth and palatable to savour.

Price: RM12.80 per bowl

Contact Number: +603-2856 0904

2. TEPPANYAKI (pork-free)

Established since 1984 with the aim to give patrons authentic iron-plated dishes, this retro yet familiar restaurant is now in Pavilion KL to bring you comfort food in a comfortable setting. One of the must try dishes is the Chicken Teppanyaki, where chicken, garlic and stir-fried bean sprouts and carrots are prepared to form a fragrant harmony. To balance off the charred-toasty flavours, the dish is also served with a side of gyoza, chawanmushi, miso soup and jelly dessert. Aside to that, there is also prawn, beef, salmon and cuttlefish Teppanyaki available to choose from.

Set Price: RM 20.90 per set (Chicken)

3. KD HONG KONG (non-halal)

One of the top 3 F&B groups in Hong Kong, KD Hong Kong brings the authentic taste of Hong Kong with well-trained Hongkie chefs of more than 15 years of culinary experience. Unlike other outlets, the Pavilion KL KD Hong Kong outlet exudes a younger vibe in terms of décor, lighting and comfortable sofa seating, perfect for that Instagram shot. The dish that turns head is the must-try Cheese Pork Chop Rice where fragrant rice is topped with juicy grilled pork chop and more importantly gooey mozzarella cheese. KD Hong Kong serves the usual suspects from a ‘char chan teng’ (Cantonese tea house) menu such as roast duck baked rice, crispy chicken wonton noodles and more.

Price: RM20.90 per plate

Set Lunch Price: From RM13.90 (choice of main dish, drinks and fruits)

Contact Number: +603-2110 6669

4. GAMI CHICKEN (pork-free)

Making its wave outside of Melbourne, Australia is Gami Chicken – a famous fried chicken restaurant frequented by university students at the suburbs of Melbourne. Gami Chicken prides itself in its ‘cook to order’ concept to ensure the freshest chickens served, always. You have to try the Fried Chicken, where cuts of chicken breast and thigh fillets are fried till golden brown perfection. The fillets can either be coated in sticky and gooey sauce of your choice (spicy, sweet chili and soy garlic) imported all the way from Australia, or sauce served on the side if you’re not into getting it down and messy. Our favourite is the spicy chilli sauce. The dish is also served with a side of green salad and tangy pickled radish to balance the fried-goodness of the fried chicken. Other than that, it’s also known for their gooey corn cheese, kimchi pancake, potato heaven, kimchi fried rice and many more.

Price: RM55 per platter of whole chicken (can be shared among 2-3 pax)

Set Price: RM15 (choice of 1 main course, 2 sides items and a drink)

Contact number: 016 - 615 5413


Originated from South Korea – Tan Tan Noodles Kitchen landed in Malaysia for the very first time in Pavilion KL. The restaurant is the epitome of Korean culture where details down to the bowl used is precisely picked – It is in a unique shape in order to maintain the heat of the dish to keep the hot food. Aside to that Koreans also love rich, bold flavours, hence the star dish, Tan Tan Noodles is the one to try as it consists of flavourful pork bone broth boiled for 6 hours, bouncy ramen, spring onion, pan-fried minced pork, mushroom and lava egg. As a finishing touch, chopped toasted peanuts are sprinkled into the dish to elevate the taste and texture, hitting every taste note.

Price: RM18 per bowl

Set Price A: RM24 (Choice of one bowl of Tantan noodles/ Tantan rice with Tantan Dumplings)

Set Price B: RM 25 (Choice of one bowl Tantan noodles/ Tantan rice with Galbi Dumplings)

6. HK BOY CART NOODLE (non-halal)

Originated from Hong Kong, HK Boy Cart Noodle brings the popular 1950s push cart style noodles into Pavilion KL. One of the most unique and must-try dishes in HK Boy Cart Noodle is the La Za Noodle where unconventional toppings such as pork skin, blood curd, large pork intestine are used to make up an exquisite dish for people with an acquired taste for innards, like the Hongkongers. If innards is not your cup of tea, HK Boy Cart Noodle also serves tasty curry fish balls, Swiss chicken chop rice with fried egg, lemongrass pork chop noodles and more.

Price: RM19.90

Contact Number: 017-651 1005

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