Saranghae: Top 4 Korean Restaurants To Visit

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Prepared largely based on three main ingredients of rice, vegetables and meats, a traditional Korean meal consists of a main course and a variety of side dishes with kimchi, served alongside a bowl of steaming hot rice.

Modern Korean food has also seen a surge in popularity and is one of the fastest-growing culinary trends worldwide, with one of the classic examples being the Korean fried chicken.

Korean fried chicken – also known as K-Fry, is now a modern staple, with the concoction originating from American troops stationed in South Korea during the Korean War. Head over to Gami Chicken or Kyochon 1991 to enjoy the best of K-Fry.

(From left to right: Gami Chicken, Kyochon 1991)

You can enjoy a more traditional spread of Korean favourites at Da On on level 6. Da On Fine Korean Cuisine’s signature Sam Gye Tang is a hearty dish where a whole chicken is stuffed with rice and boiled with Ginseng. The dish is traditionally eaten on the hottest days of summer to balance the body heat with the weather. Enjoy a cosy dining experience at Da On’s private dining room that emulates a traditional Korean home and can fit up to 8 pax.

(Da On)

Hansang offers a more casual dining environment with equally delicious choices. Its signature Kimchi Jiggae, also known as Kimchi Stew is a popular traditional dish where Kimchi is boiled in broth and served with an array of side dishes such as omelette, bean sprouts and lotus roots.

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