Trail of Spices: 5 Indian Restaurants To Check Out On Your Next Visit

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Fresh, rich and aromatic – spices are at the core of Indian and Middle Eastern Cuisine. At Royal India, the Tandoori Lobster, tenderly grilled Maine lobster marinated in mild spices and yoghurt, is the signature dish of award-winning chef, Rakesh Prasad. With over 18 years of experience, Prasad finds inspiration in his mother’s cooking to bring diners authentic Northern Indian creations.

(Royal India)

Barbeque Nation revitalizes the concept of live grills by embedding it within the table, where diners can cook and enjoy juicy meat skewers as they dine.

(Barbeque Nation)

Over at Al-Amar Lebanese Cuisine, a bite into their signature Falafel, a deep-fried patty made from ground chickpeas will instantly transport you to the bazaars of the Middle East.

(Al Amar)

Ideal for family-style dining, diners can soak in the warm ambience of the garden area of Al Halabi Gourmet Restaurant, beautifully adorned with colourful Turkish lights as you feast on Lebanese & Syrian dishes that are meticulously prepared and served in elegant platters.

(Al Halabi Gourmet Restaurant)

For a quick fix, try the Lamb Sharwama Kebab at Tarbush Express, an established Middle Eastern Restaurant in Malaysia. Every dish is served with only the freshest and finest ingredients to bring out the authentic, hearty flavours. 

(Tarbush Express)

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