Raya Styling

Celebrate Raya 2023 in style by showing up in the most stunning collections.

March 24, 2023

Balenciaga (Level 2)

Discover Balenciaga’s exclusive series of reimagined favorites to celebrate the month of Ramadan. Classic products designed for women, men, and kids are offered in new colors, such as taupe, gold, and navy, and logo styles, such as all-over jacquard and poplin.

Braun Buffel (Level 4)

MEYER: An abbreviation from Oscar Niemeyer, from whom the collection was inspired from, Meyer is a made for the metrosexual male – contemporary, charismatic, understated, yet stylish. Crafted in Nappa embossed with the signature interlocking buffalo monogram, each piece in the collection makes for a functional carry-on top of its stylish silhouette.

POMMES: Elegantly plush, minimalist yet absolutely flashy in her color offering – POMMES-L. Refreshed this season with a thicker strap for comfort and added textured detailing on the side.

LOGE: Inspired by the cigarette box, LOGE-A features a minimalist yet contemporary tone-on-tone text logo with adjustable and detachable shoulder straps. One would love the near-weightlessness and hands-free ease while on the go.

dUCK (Level 4)

Aidilfitri is about strengthening the bond between family and the loved ones and at the same time keeping the tradition alive. Having products that carry the essence of the true meaning of Aidilfitri can become an emotional legacy that is filled with happier memories. Visit the dUCk store to view our latest Raya collection The Ikatan dUCk.

Jovian (Level 4)

Like a breath of fresh air, Jovian Ready-To-Wear latest collection, “Pop Raya,” brings a modern twist to the timeless celebration of Eid. This collection seamlessly combines contemporary fashion with the traditional values of Eid, resulting in a truly unique and beautiful collection.

With a deep respect for the traditions of Eid, Pop Raya latest collection offers a fresh take on classic styles, bringing a modern flair that features exquisite designs crafted with a masterful use of luxurious fabrics such as twill, chiffon with satin lining, and como crepe, which offers a fresh take on modern Eid fashion.

Swarovski (Level 4)

Hari Raya is a time to come together with loved ones, make memories, and find moments to reflect on the innate beauty that surrounds us. Commemorate the occasion with a selection of pieces that exude glamour while honoring the traditional green hues of Ramadan. Indulge your senses in mesmerizing designs styled by actress, model, and entrepreneur Mira Filzah.

Variante (Level 2)

Variante just launched their Lebaran 2023 collection, titled “Memory Raya”. The new pieces feature lots of soft and flowy silhouettes including their best-selling Baju Kurung Kedah sets in new pastel hues.

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