Pavilion Feast: Signatures Around The World

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Level 2, Centre Court

World’s Greatest Coffee & Comfort Food

Asian and Western choices, delicious comfort food and dessert treats, are all under one roof and available round-the-clock. DÔME’s extensive menu offers creative options using the freshest ingredients to ensure customers receive the best quality. Comprised of scrumptious creations from East to West including All-Day Breakfasts, soups and salads, gourmet sandwiches, and hot kitchen specials encompassing pastas, crispy pizzas, signature pies and burgers, and rich, delectable cakes, the wide-ranging repertoire caters to practically every culinary desire from different hours, all day long.

Harriston Chocolatier Café

Level 3, Fashion Avenue

Celebrating World Chocolate Month

A cosy gathering of friends and family to enjoy a delightful cuppa in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, Pavilion. Savour an assortment of sweet and savoury delights with a selection of tea, chocolate beverages, coffee or many other delightful drinks.


Level 2

Be spoilt for choices with PAUL extensive range of French pastries and desserts. There is always something new at PAUL. For month of July, try the French Berries Cake. A refreshing and light sweet treat with layers of sponge cake, raspberry bits and black currant mousse.

“We are Authentic Artisan Bakers at Heart”

PAUL is a French chain of bakery restaurants which have been baking bread since 1889. We specialize in serving high-quality French products including sandwiches, croissants, macarons, cakes, pastries, coffee, and more. With locations in 47 countries, with more than 761 restaurants, PAUL share the taste for a job well done and the joy of offering quality products every day. At PAUL, there will always be something new for you to indulge in. Visit our store to be spoilt for choices.


Level 1, Gourmet Emporium


Savour the unique fusion of Japanese tea and creamy chocolate with limited ROYCE’ Nama Chocolate "Hojicha", crafted from rich roasted green tea and fresh Hokkaido cream. Other tea themed delights like the seasonal Nama Darjeeling and Flavourful Variety Pack will also be available in store throughout July!


Level 6, Tokyo Street

The seasonal Meiji Meltykiss with smooth and delicates chocolate are now available in milk chocolate, strawberry & matcha flavor.


Level 4

Velvety soft and smooth mango shaved ice served with mango cubes, jade jelly, sweet potato balls, taro balls and pearl. Made with 100% natural ingredients.


Vanilla Mille Crepe

Level 6

Luscious vanilla pastry cream tucked in between each layer of paper-thin crepes.

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