Raya Glorious Festive Gifting

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Level 2 

Godiva Raya Praline Chocolate Gift Box - The impressive box of gourmet chocolates makes a perfect corporate gift idea or generous gift for a chocolate devotee.

Riang Kupat Assorted G Cube - The special design G Cube gift box was inspired by the shape of the popular Malay local delicacy, Ketupat and is filled with 8 individually wrapped assorted G Cube chocolate truffles.

Raya Gold Chocolate Gift Box - Presented in luxuriously crafted festive design, the Raya Gold Chocolate Gift Box features GODIVA most treasured chocolates with classic fillings. Velvety ganache, creamy caramels, luscious pralines, delicious fruity centres and delicate nuts in milk, dark and white chocolate.

Raya Cube Truffles Gift Box - The Raya Cube Truffles Gift Box is a display of GODIVA’s finely tuned chocolate mastery. Each of the cube-shaped morsels is filled with a melt-in-your-mouth, dual-layered ganache or praline filling and enrobed in a crisp chocolate shell and finished with a dusting of cocoa powder, a sprinkle of chocolate, or crunchy nut shavings.

Maison Margiela

Level 3

Discover the smell of Ramadan memories with Maison Margiela Fragrances.


Level 2 


Season's special impressive large silver centrepiece with a luxurious assortment of chocolate. 

Royal Selangor 

Level 3

Take your Raya celebration to the next level with Royal Selangor's special gift boxes, inspired by Malaysian art and heritage. Featuring batik-style tumblers & 24K gilt cembul. 


Gourmet Emporium (Level 1) 


Have a spectacular Hari Raya with ROYCE'! Ready to make Hari Raya all the more divine and delicious, premium Japanese chocolatier ROYCE has crafted the perfect line-up of sumptuous gift hampers filled with exquisite Japanese chocolates and cookies to guarantee a spectacular celebration! 


TWG Tea 

Level 2 


Inspired by time-honoured tea traditions of the Middle East, the Marrakech Mint Tea is a wonderful blend of raw organic whole Moroccan Mint leaves, a reflection of purity and character that infuses into a wonderfully crisp and theine-free cup of tea – perfect for bringing the warmth of the Arab culture into your home. 


Complete your tea collection for Ramadan, and be transported on a magical journey under the glittery Arabian night sky with Moroccan Sahara Tea. 


Beautifully blended with hints of soft and lingering sweet spices, this blend of green and black tea accentuated with fragrant floral notes from the glorious Valley of Roses. Enliven your senses with a refreshing cup of Alexandria Tea. Glimmering in elegant hues of royal blue and gold this elegant green tea blend with sweet and spicy mints, warm spices and a scattering of flower petals with mesmerising notes of anise makes a great tea to share and gift this season. 

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