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Art WeMe Contemporary Gallery is pleased to present you
latest paintings from the artist Gao Xiao Yun

Suzhou landscape consists of several rivers and lakes. When mist rises from water, landscape is hidden behind a misty screen. Time and light are forgotten for a while in a mass of fog. Water and air are main elements in Gao Xiao Yun’s painting. Gao illustrates Suzhou and nearby river townships under intense texture. Water drips fall down to rivers and create shallow waves on the surface. Shadows on rivers are also trembling on water.

It is my aim of making art. In term of techniques, I try to create harmony rhythm by oil paints and painting knives, which compose diverse tunes of “dense and light, quick and slow, hard and soft, cold and warm on canvas. Empty space is an important composition of my paintings. Keeping empty space in paintings is the legacy of Chinese culture. I feel my soul exists inside a blank space on canvas and become one part of nature. By Gao Xiao Yun


A Sense of Antiquity

Dialogue in Late Autumn

The Slanting Light of the Setting Sun

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