#RetailDetail featuring Bvlgari, Couture Pavilion, Level 2 & 3

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#RetailDetail featuring Bvlgari, Couture Pavilion, Level 2 & 3 #ARegalCelebrationxPKL

This lunar new year, BVLGARI has selected its Lunar New Year Special Editions in Chinese red to bring good luck and happiness. Introducing the 'Four-Petal Flower Blooms wih Great Fortune' & 'BVLGARI Serpenti Forever Diamond Blast Red Bag'. 

Check out the new collection in Pavilion KL today.

Four-Petal Flower Blooms with Great Fortune

Bvlgari immortalizes floral elements in an enchanting creation – the newly launched Fiorever collection.

The collection’s signature is a wild bloom with four petals, plucked from Rome’s heritage. The Fiorever Lunar New Year Special Edition beautifully intertwines rose gold with rubies and diamonds into a sublime necklace that looks brilliantly on the neck.

Bvlgari Serpenti Forever Diamond Blast Red Bag

The Serpenti Forever Diamond Blast Bag in a glitzy and passionate red exudes the joyful atmosphere of Chinese New Year. Radiant Chinese red matching with quilted matelassé projects an invigorating, sophisticated, and elegant aura. The Serpenti Forever bag is a striking must-have for a happy New Year.
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