#RetailDetail featuring Longchamp, Level 3

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#RetailDetail featuring Longchamp, Level 3


A history that recalls that of Longchamp, House whose heritage isn’t without touches of fantasy, joy, or creativity. Like spots of wild grass bringing along their vivacity, the green sneaks in the Longchamp universe, to better explode when unexpected.
It is the unexpected twist, the flashy touch that highlights a detail, lightens a line or a silhouette.
The green touch is everywhere! Longchamp is everywhere!

Paris, June 2020. This spring, Longchamp inaugurates a whole new concept to highlight its collections based on its original visual identity. The Dark Green is inspired by the colors of the racetrack drawn by Turenne Chevallereau in 1951, that very well represents the legacy of quality and expertise of the house, and its “savoir-faire” - thoughtfully mixed with the new Green Light, which, like the green of the spring, brings in an ever welcome renewal.

The energy and the creativity of the House is incarnated in that movement, that vivacity, that momentum brought the brand’s horse symbol. Go Longchamp!

The traditional Dark Green Carries the legacy and the symbol of a House that is deeply rooted in its time, but also its tradition, enrooted in family and artisanal values. From natural assets to cultural assets, this Dark Green symbolizes timelessness, a vision on the horizon, that evolves, but never changes. The Dark Green grows and blossoms to make space for the Green Light, its inseparable partner, that brings freshness and movement to the spirit of tradition. Together, Dark Green and Green Light reflect all the shades or Longchamp House: tradition and liveliness, true to its values but rooted in its time. The original scenery of this color match is expressed this season in a Pop-Up event, that offers visitors a “Full Longchamp” experience, where all the facets of the house are on display in one space. Present, past and a visionary future are linked through the Dark Green, its logo animations in Green Light, to offer a full immersion in this timeless house.

Longchamp represents so many lives linked by our shared family values. I have always associated green with these values and the very strong bonds we share. It is our identity, our link, our source of light. Live, Love, Light… Longchamp” explains Sophie Delafontaine, Artistic Director of the House and granddaughter of the founder.

In 1984, Jean Cassegrain unveiled his unique vision of French elegance and rewrote the rules of modern luxury through the Longchamp brand. Formerly a maker of leather-covered pipes Longchamp now offers bags, accessories, and luggage for both women and men, as well as women’s ready-to-wear, shoes and eyewear.

Preserving its independent family origins, Longchamp is still owned and managed by the Cassegrain family. Today, under Artistic Director, Sophie Delafontaine, Longchamp embodies contemporary luxury, creativity and dynamism whilst keeping its traditions of craftsmanship and skills, and maintaining the “Made by Longchamp” stamp of quality through all of its workshops.

Longchamp operates more than 300 stores around the world.

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