Arts Workshop at Vans

  • Level 5
  • 10 Jan 2020 - 25 Mar 2020
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Experience the Customization Zone at Vans Store, Pavilion KL.

Objectives of the Customization Zone includes the intention to support and create a local community through art pillar, to build a global creative community through local communities, and to inspire both groups of artists and consumers.

Vans Arts Workshop:

1. To participate, customers can register themselves for free at the Vans store in Pavilion. They may reach out to the retail staff at the cashier counter. They can also register themselves at the artists’ social media platform.

2. Every month the store will be having an art workshop every Wednesday & Saturday, from 12PM – 3PM. Two selected artists will run the workshop alternately each month, and any further information such as the art workshop schedule can be found on the artists’ social media platform & Vans store, Pavilion KL itself.

3. Seats are limited, one session can only accommodate for 7 participants. The workshop runs on a first come first serve basis. If sessions are full on the day, customers are always free to watch the workshop.

4. For days without the arts workshop, the Customization Zone will be open to the public from 10am – 9pm every day. Customers may ask the retail staff at the cashier counter for assistance. All art supplies that we have prepared at the Customization Zone are free of charge.

5. We provide various kinds of art supplies for customers to experience a Do-It-Yourself culture such as patches, studs, acrylic paint, stitching, markers, and embroidery.

6. Only Vans products from head to toe are allowed to be customized. Customers may purchase Vans products from the store, OR bring their own Vans product from home!

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