BVLGARI AW2022 Leather Goods & Accessories Collection

  • Level 2 & 3
  • 12 Oct 2022 - 31 Dec 2022
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BVLGARI AW2022 Leather Goods and Accessories collection is inspired by an intimate dimension, where beauty can be found in everyday life – a collection that is Made in Eden. The Sun shines warm and bright above Eden; there is a gentle bond you form with Eden as you feel the sand between your toes; as darkness descends upon the land, it signifies the tranquillity that comes from resting after a hard day of work; sometimes it seems that a peaceful and serene life is comprised of nothing more than these elements. BVLGARI takes inspiration from these simplest and most natural forms of joy, and introduces three brand new colours, namely Sun Citrine, Sahara Amber, Sahara Black, a comforting palette of neutral colours that gives you a delightful taste of life.

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