Christmas Desserts at Kakiyuki

  • Level 4
  • 15 Nov 2019 - 05 Jan 2020
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Here are some delectable treats to enjoy this festive:

1. Chocolate Mint Kakigori (RM25)
Belgium chocolate and mint sauce, mouthwatering brownie cubes, crushed
hazelnut, topped with maple espuma and a house-made star-shaped chocolate cookie

2. Blackcurrant Custard Kakigori (RM25)
A festive-looking mountain of fluffy shaved ice beautifully decorated with blackcurrant, silky caramel pudding, creamy custard sauce, pear cubes, crushed honeycomb, lathered with vanilla espuma and topped with an adorable gingerbread reindeer

3. White Christmas Dessert Set (RM28)

- Aromatic Salted Caramel Canelé⁠⠀
- Custardy Strawberry Choc Canelé
- Cute Snowman Macaron filled with Kuromitsu Caramel & Raspberry Jam⁠⠀
- Buttery chocolate mint Sablés Boules de Neige (Snowball Cookies)⁠⠀
- Beautifully-layered Eton Mess Trifle with Lychee & Strawberry Ice Cream⁠⠀
- Chocolate & Passionfruit Snowball Daifuku Mochi

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