Collections of Prosperity

  • 01 Jan 2021 - 13 Feb 2021
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Levels 2 & 3

FENDI celebrates the 2021 Chinese New Year and the start of the year of the Ox, exemplifying strength, determination and ambition in life, with an exclusive Capsule Collection. Symbolizing good fortune and joy in this special time of the year, the common thread of this capsule is the red colour, combined for the occasion with sophisticated pink hues and flowers from the Chinese tradition. With an auspicious meaning for the Chinese New Year, the Chrysanthemum represents longevity, whilst the Peony is a symbol of prosperity, beauty and honour. Considered the most symbolic flower of all, each petal of the bright pink
plum blossoms stands for one of the five blessings: happiness, good fortune, longevity, success and harmony. These flowers dear to the Chinese are combined for the occasion with the Maison’s iconic FF logo details and patterns, injecting a festive atmosphere whilst completing with a FENDI twist the elegant festival look.

Junior Lookbook
Level 5

Givenchy Kids Spring/Summer 2021 New Collection reveals a dazzling colour palette, made of red and yellow.
The institutional Givenchy logo is re-designed into the Split Givenchy for a new sporty look.
Strong print of the story, the Dragon is inspired by the SS21 Pre-collection and symbolizes a world of dreams.
The Givenchy Atelier signature – the Maison logo underlined with the Haute Couture atelier historical address – is applied on a premium range of styles.
GIVENCHY KIDS @ JUNIOR LOOKBOOK, Level 5, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur.

Couture Pavilion, Level 2


No matter how, where or when you celebrate, the holiday season calls for sparkle and shine. Escape reality with a wardrobe full of shimmer — think futuristic chrome finishes, glittering gifts and playful accessories in all shapes and sizes. 

Fashion Avenue, Level 2

Leisurely, six goldfish swim through the water in carefree harmony, their tails fanning out like gauze against blooming begonia. Abundant in wealth, abundant in knowledge, what a magnificent sight!

The Joy of Fish was inspired by Zhuangzi’s Qiu Shui (Autumn Floods). The piece details the conversation between two Warring States period philosophers (and confidantes) Zhuangzi and Hui Shi. Observing the fish in the water, they question whether or not fish are joyful and how are they to know for certain as they themselves are not fish. Taking place as the two men crossed the dam over the River Hao, this noted conversation is also known as The Debate of Hao Liang, The Debate of the Joy of Fish.

Couture Pavilion, Level 2

Moschino celebrates Chinese New Year 2021.
February 12th marks the beginning of the Year of the Ox, the second of the twelve animals signs in the Chinese zodiac.
To mark the occasion, Moschino’s Creative Director, Jeremy Scott, has released a 16-piece limited-edition capsule collection.
Encompassing dresses, t-shirts, sweaters, trousers, as well as bags, scarves and iPhone cases, the collection features a cartoon style ox, reanimated from the brand design archives.
Predominantly red and gold, the collection celebrates the auspicious colours of happiness and good fortune for the new year.
The 2021 Chinese New Year limited edition collection will be available online at and the Milan, Rome, London, Paris and New York Moschino boutiques, as well as Moschino's franchise network, and the most prestigious stores around the world.

Level 2

This year, Piaget is celebrating Chinese New Year and the Year of the Ox with a special edition of its ultra-thin Altiplano timepiece with a grand-feu cloisonné dial featuring an ox, crafted by the celebrated artist Anita Porchet. Continuing the celebrations, Piaget is also presenting a new Limelight Stellamoon-phase watch and a beautiful selection of Possession watch and jewellery.

Along with these extraordinary timepieces, Piaget is also offering a number of new creations from its Possession collection. Discover an 18-karat white gold timepiece with a mother-of-pearl dial, a diamond-paved case featuring a turning ring that playfully spins, a double tour wrap bangle in rose gold set with brilliant-cut diamonds for double the luck and prosperity and a new sized carnelian open bangle in rose gold with 2 turning bands of brilliant-cut diamonds finished with two striking carnelian cabochons. One Possession ring, two necklaces, and two different-sized bangles all in rose gold also join the festivities. All
featuring sparkling diamonds and red carnelian, and Piaget’s signature turning elements, these Possession pieces bring a sense of joy and playfulness to the Chinese New Year.

Royal Selangor

Fashion Avenue, Level 3

Folk tales recount the oriental zodiac’s origins with the story of the Great Race, called by the deity the Jade Emperor to assign each year in the 12-year cycle an animal in the order they reached him by crossing a river. The first animal to past the post was the rat, then the ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, ram, monkey, rooster, dog and pig.
The formidable ox takes over from the diminutive rat in 2021. The ox symbolises wealth, prosperity, diligence and perseverance.

The  Year of the Ox collection consists of a plaque, wealth bowl, figurine and seal.

The highlight of the collection is the Year of the Ox plaque, embellished in 24K gold with a limited edition of only 1,000 worldwide.
The lone figure of the ox moves purposefully in an upward direction, within a circular frame of a repeating wan or ‘ten thousand years’ longevity pattern incised in a satin finish pewter parabolic disc, signifying new opportunities for flourishing relationships, careers and prosperity in the year ahead.

The plaque, figurine and wealth bowl comes with an engravable plate which can be personalised with a special message.