Dazzling Collections This November

  • 01 Nov 2020 - 15 Dec 2020
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Level 3

The latest addition to Aesop’s Home range is a trio of Aromatique Candles, each named after an ancient stargazer of note. 

Introducing Ptolemy, Aganice and Callippus - three beacons to rekindle weary spirits and guide the way forward. Since ancient times, the positions of the stars have been used to chart voyages across the ‘wine-dark sea’, as Homer wrote in The Odyssey. On land, lighthouses have long been used to warn sailors of dangerous areas and to provide navigational aid when cloud cover masks the night sky. Lighting a candle is a simple, age-old gesture performed for practical, spiritual and aesthetic reasons. And while the combustion of humble wax may be a less dazzling source of light than the night sky, it can offer a similar sense of solace for those who’ve endured turbulent waters. 

Level 2

Timeless design, warmth and bohemian chic - the Fall/Winter 2020 collection ‘Romantic Abundance’ symbolises a plethora of ideas and the fusion of contrasts, where the style of the wild 70s meets the elegance of the 30s. The colour scheme is reminiscent of the 1970s - earthy and inspired by rural landscapes. Brown acts as the main colour in a variety of different nuances from Cashmere Beige and Java Brown to dark Green and AIGNER’s signature Burgundy. Bold colours are subtly incorporated and embraced by shades of Brown, creating an intense sense of warmth and a novel countryside feel. The comforting effect is emphasised by materials such as lambskin and teddy fur and blended with the modernity of leather.

Couture Pavilion,Level 2

KARL IKONIK, the collection features playful graphics of Karl Lagerfeld in his signature attire: Sunglasses, fingerless gloves and a tuxedo blazer. 

Famous feline Choupette adorns this soft, slouchy bucket bag. The perfect companion for any casual look, the bag is made more practical by the spacious interior with drawstring closure and adjustable shoulder strap for hands-free use. 

This smooth leather tote features playful artwork of Karl’s beloved companion Choupette. 

The playful K/Kushion is made of soft, padded and pleated materials that create a voluminous silhouette. 

This collection can be described as endlessly elegant and sophisticated in a highly fresh, feminine yet powerful way. 

Jimmy Choo
Level 2

Jimmy Choo unveils their Autumn Winter 2020 campaign featuring the breakthrough British actor, Daisy Edgar-Jones. An overnight success born out of a period of Global lock down, Edgar-Jones captured the hearts of many playing the leading role of Marianne in the critically acclaimed TV drama ‘Normal People’ that has charmed audiences across the world.

Junior Lookbook
Level 5

Dress your babies and kids with the latest collection Fall/Winter 2020 from Versace. Each T shirt and dress is hand sewn with dazzling Swarovski crystals and some with metallic gold prints, perfect for any occasion especially the coming Christmas mood. 
For mommies and daddies who would like to wear the same outfits as their babies and kids, JUNIOR LOOKBOOK also offer mini-me sizes up to size 14 or adult S size for selected designs. 
JUNIOR LOOKBOOK®  is Malaysia’s first global registered trademark multi-brands concept store for layettes, kids and teenagers.  

Couture Pavilion, Level 2

From the gilded extravagances of Marie Antoinette to the candy-bright colors of Tokyo, Jeremy Scott’s Moschino Fall 2020 womenswear collection is all about fantasy, fun—and a bit of irony.Think: the one-time Queen of France, but cosplayed today. Or, alternatively, as Scott calls her, “Anime Antoinette” stepping out from a flat-screen in 2020, time-traveling in reverse, and holding court in Versailles. Through it all, an insurrectionary fireburns; when the elite rule with ignorance and decadence, rebellions stir. This is where Scott’s paradox surfaces; the collection is built on hedonism, but it’s the kind of fun that comes with fangs.

Roger Vivier
Couture Pavilion, Level 2

The Fall/Winter 2020 collection is at the heart of Sensorama and, this season, Felloni is highlighting one of the pillars of the Maison – rarity. “I would really like to express the sense of rarity that is a big part of Roger Vivier,” he shares. “You will see the cuissarde boots and custom bags that are all made and embroidered by hand, as the iconic Viv’ Cabas. It’s like haute couture, same as what Monsieur Vivier did, and it will be quite spectacular.”