"Game On": Celebrate Football Season at Pavilion KL

  • 18 Nov 2022 - 18 Dec 2022
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Catch the final match LIVE on the Pavilion Elite LED Screen at the Main Entrance. Celebrate football madness in Celcom territory with a fiesta packed with upbeat activities, unbeatable offers, and unmatched freebies.

The countdown begins for the most anticipated football showdown of the year, so secure your chance to cheer on your favourite teams with Carlsberg. Probably The Best Beer in The World at the Carlsberg Football Viewing Lounge.

Indulge yourself in a Parisian-inspired spirit by embracing joie de vivre (or the joy of living) with No.1 premium French wheat beer 1664 Blanc.

Stroll down elegant street of Rue 1664 to capture your playful moments.

Have #GoodTasteWithATwist like any French would through our delicious brews, and who knows if you may encounter a pleasant surprise to perfect your soiree.