Mid Autumn Festival Promotion at Hogan Bakery, Parkson Elite

  • Level 6, Parkson Elite
  • 01 Sep 2020 - 30 Sep 2020
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The roundest moon can be seen in Autumn. It is time for reunions. Let's celebrate this mid-autumn with Hogan Bakery's mooncakes and share the rich tradition with a touch of fresh modernity with your loved ones.

Enjoy Pineapple Tart at RM2.50/Piece (NP: RM4.75) with purchase of 1 box (2 pcs) of mooncakes and above.
*While stocks last

Classic Select (RM19.90/Piece)
A classic single egg yolk mooncake made with 100% lotus seeds, baked to perfection with aromatic peanut oil. A true loved classic!

Local Couture (RM19.90/Piece)
A decadent treat for the pandan lovers! Filled with pandan paste and single egg yolk with hint of milky butter goodness.

Red Treasure (RM13.90/Piece)
A conventional red bean paste elevated with rose sugar to satiate the nostalgic traditional taste. Red bean fans should not on this delightful, sweet floral treat.

Golden Gem (RM19.90/Piece)
Features an aromatic blend of Salted Egg Yolk Salted Custard lotus paste, elegantly cocooned within golden brown pastry. A pleasant combination of salty and sweet!

Tropical Emerald (RM19.90/Piece)
A fragrant pandan filling in a creamy white soft crust with desiccated coconut lotus paste in the middle gives this mooncake a local flavour.

Moon Lover (RM19.90/Piece)
Chewy gooey brpwn sugar lava and tapioca pearls as the centre filling on the mooncake, while it is enclosed with thick and creamy milk tea paste.

*Terms and conditions apply.
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