• Level 2
  • 11 Apr 2022 - 16 Jul 2022
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Let’s celebrate life and stack your memories with Possession. It is a spirit, a celebration, a statement. It is time to TURN LIFE ON.

The Possession collection revolves around a movement, a shape, a spin. A simple and playful twist that allows it to turn life on in a unique and joyful way. An inimitable gesture to remind that style is in the details. More than a collection, Possession is an invitation to freely express our personalities and experience the remarkable. More than a ring, it is a gesture. More than a bracelet, it is a statement. More than a necklace, It is a connection. Both simple and sophisticated, it invites creativity and stands as a rallying sign for a community eager to experience, explore and celebrate while being given a chance to tell its own story with style and sophistication.