#RetailDetail featuring Diptyque, Level 3

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#RetailDetail featuring Diptyque, Level 3

Made from the finest raw materials, Diptyque's creations express an unexpected harmony in unusual ways to delight many.

This winter, the Paris-based brand is back with a secret that could only be revealed if an ancient and mysterious rite is performed in the right way by invoking three spirits using the candlelight.

Introducing 3 candles from “The Legend of The North” collection carried by each traveller – Exquisite Almond, Amber Balm and Pine Tree of Light. Three travellers each from South, West and East planned to meet in the eternally snow-covered lands of the North to discover the secret.

The Exquisite Almond carries a sweet smell of almonds, Amber Balm gives a reassuring fragrance of amber wood and the smell of pine needles is exuded through Pine Tree of Light.

Visit Diptyque at Level 3 now to discover the story behind “The Legend of The North”.

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