Since 2007, 1TCM has been operating its business under the name of TCM Solutions Acupuncture Specialist. With the newly changed name, it continues to devote its professional expertise of traditional Chinese medicine to improve the clinical treatments of each kind of acute and chronic disease therapy. The application of analgesia acupuncture combined with low dosage of traditional Chinese medicine aims to remove the psychological burden of the patients in order to complete their treatments. Besides the Traditional Chinese Internal Medicine and Orthopaedics & Traumatology, from the perspective of Cosmetology and Slimming, the combination treatment of therapies enable to bring immediate implications regardless of the external treating therapies (acupuncture and moxibustion, herbal medicinal facial mask, umbilicus therapy) or oral use of herbs.

1TCM always adheres to the mission and philosophy of providing professional consultation and treatment of Traditional Chinese Medicine by upholding the principle of low dosage of medication to achieve the aforementioned objectives of treatments.

Tourist Privilege: 
- Face Guasha with Complimentary Ear Acupuncture RM158
- Pain Relief Treatment or Intensive Stress Relief Treatment with Complimentary Cupping RM298 (Click for more info)

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