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Ramen made its first contact with Japan in the early 20th century. The bouncy noodles made its debut with simple ingredients such as Shoyu (Japanese Soy Sauce) soup and seaweed but now has evolved into variant of ramen.
The ramen served at Bari-Uma Ramen originated from Hiroshima, Japan, where the broth used are measured and kept in line with authentic recipes set by ramen masters to uphold the quality they will serve in the outlet.

Specialty: Ramen

Let’s start with the core ingredient – ramen, a type of noodle. The ramen at Bari-Uma Ramen are made fresh by using the right measurements and ingredients as it provides freshness, low in preservatives and most importantly the taste and texture of the noodles are also different where eaters can get a clean texture without a starchy aftertaste. This is important because it makes the ramen slurping experience a lot more smoother when the ramen soaks up the broth, making its way to your mouth. The ramen hardness can be chosen in terms of 3 different level of hardness which are firm, original and soft. This is available to suit different preference for ramen as different level of hardness have different bite-textures. If you encounter any difficulties in choosing the right dish for yourself, the service staff can assist in determining the type of noodle and suitable broth or soup.

Strong Bite: The Complete Experience

One of the top 3 favourite ramen dish at Bari-Uma Ramen – The Nori-Tama-Uma. This dish has 5 ingredient to complete a ramen dish like spring onion, bamboo shoots, seaweed, egg, chashu and a broth that’ll make you walk a mile for it. The broth used is a thicker and more flavourful version of a tonkatsu broth boiled for almost 10 hours with chicken, pork bone and herbs to reach a creamy peak. It’s so good that it’s favoured by Japanese patrons that come all the way to ‘slurp the bowl clean’ without a single drop wasted.
For people who are a fan of chashu, you’re in luck as Bari-Uma Ramen actually takes good care of their chashu quality as they import their produce from Europe for a more tender part of the meat. A plus point is the cooking method, the chashu is respected by a Japanese grilling method where it will be less oily and retain the moisture of the meat.

Mild Bite: The Lighter Side Of Ramen

Here’s the Tori-Uma Ramen for those who are in for a milder soup base without any pork essence. This dish has a chicken soup base topped with chicken drumsticks, spring onion, black fungus and Ajitama (Japanese marinated egg). It’s perfect for light-eaters that enjoy a good classic chicken soup with a Hiroshima-twist.
If you don’t already know, the Ajitama is serve whole, reason being is when you slice the egg in half on time of consumption, you’ll get a glistening semi-runny yolk that has a deliciously fresh creamy custard-like texture and within your ‘yolk-control’, either to eat it whole or mix it in the broth.

Fun Bites: A Glazed ‘Companion’

To complement the ramen dish, order up the Yakitori-Combo where it includes 5 assorted chicken and pork skewers that’s grilled to perfection, proven when you can see the delicious sticky caramelised teriyaki glaze on the meat, glistening your way. The meat is juicy and tender, plus aromatic as they grilled the meat with mushrooms and huge chunks of leek. It’s nice to have this as a sharing starter before slurping on ramen.

What we love: Summertime Freshness

If you’re looking for something totally different, try their new dish – The Citrus Salmon Ramen . While it may look and sound strange, we promise it’s a surprising delight that is widely enjoyed during the summer season to cool off, and being in Malaysia, well, we definitely need this dish all year round, too bad this dish is only available for a certain period of time. This dish is light and zesty as it’s infused with citrus elements. It’s great for people who are on a fish-diet as it consists broiled seasoned salmon fillet, black fungus, and broccoli.

Snacks Time: Golden Duo

To get a complete Bari-Uma experience, order up their karaage (deep fried chicken). This side dish is the one to munch on for a crunchy bite as it’s lightly battered and deep fried within the perfect time-frame to produce a golden, juicy and oh-so-flavourful.
Japanese Ramen Noodles
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