Café De Paris

  • Lot 3.06.02 & E3.06.02, Level 3, Connection
  • 03-2144 4822
  • 10am - 10pm

Cuisine: French

Specialty: Cheese, Bouillabaisse, Duck Confit

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Ever wanted a date in the most iconic place in paris aka the Eiffel tower? Cafe de Paris is a Parisian bistro that cleverly designed it’s outlet with a part of the Eiffel tower, making a brilliant illusion that we’re savouring delicious french delicacies under the Eiffel tower itself. 

- Gooey Bite: The Unspoken Rule -

For the French, le fromage (aka cheese) is an unspoken rule to have in every meal and it’s said to be normally eaten before dessert to musk cheesy breath with sweet treats. 

A cheesy dish to savour at Cafe de Paris would be their signature French cheese, the Camembert, where Camembert is infused and baked together with thyme, rosemary, garlic sprinkle of chilli flakes and a dash of French white wine called Vermouth to elevate the aroma and taste of the Camembert. 

Upon serving, the Camembert still retains it’s white exterior but inside lies a heavenly aromatic gooey texture that goes perfectly with the side of toasted sliced baguette. 

- Dessert Bite: Nuts For Crepes -

After cheese, here comes the crepes where it’s no stranger on the streets of France, especially during their public holiday based on the French calendar called ‘le jour des crepe’. The crepes are usually served in either savoury or sweet ways. One of the most best selling crepes in Cafe de Paris is the Nutella Crepe where they make thin crepe from French flour to have a fluffier texture. The crepe is then topped with hazelnuts, banana, strawberries and drizzled with Nutella that is a balanced combination of sweet and tangy.

- Savoury Bite: Addictively Delicious -

Confit De Canard which is duck confit is a recipe that originates in France for centuries when preserving food is a necessity. Cafe de Paris prides on following the traditional method to prepare the duck confit where the duck that is imported from France is seasoned with french salt and slow-cooked under low temperature in olive oil for it to have a super moist and fall-off-the-bone texture. The duck confit is then paired with roast potatoes and french beans to balance out the flavours of the duck that is addictive.

- Stew Bite: Marseille Upperclass Dish -

Bouillabaisse originates from Marseille and it gained popularity in the 19th century among upperclass French patrons for it’s intricate preparation and hearty flavours. In Cafe de Paris, this dish is prepared using fish and mussels that they cook in separate pots and eventually slowly merge the two broth together and gradually reduced the broth to an aromatic stew with a thicker consistency. It’s served with a side of toasted sourdough bread that soaks up the flavourful stew.

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