DZI Kingdom

Dzi Kingdom is an award-winning company, this is the 1st Tibet and Himalaya DZI Signature Specialist Centre. Dzi Kingdom is also a specialist centre with the largest collection of genuine antique DZI beads in Southeast Asia, with more than 20 branches by next year throughout Malaysia and online worldwide including Singapore, Indonesia, Russia, Thailand, China, USA,  France, Netherlands, Austria and the UAE.

Dzi Kingdom with 17 years of experience, collects and exhibits truly unique and one-of-its-kind DZIs in each retail outlet. The company also provides private consultant service by our highly trained advisors which combines a deep analysis of a customer’s personal situation, metaphysics calculation and a unique 8DZI combination founded by Master Dato’ Martin Lui. Collaborated with knowledge of the extraordinary powers of owning DZIs. We are the creator of DZI combination with and ‘Personal Bazi Feng Shui’ to fulfill each customer’s needs for their whole lifetime.

DZI – originated from Tibet and parts of Himalaya, are the most mystical and effective life changing lucky gemstones in the world. We are known to bring an abundance of wealth, protection, health and good fortune etc. to those who wear them. These special pieces of DZI are personally handpicked by Master Dato’ himself ensuring the best and highest collector’s value, supreme quality and extra high positive energy.

 In Dzi Kingdom, each piece is certified and has undergone a long process of blessing. While they are meticulously displayed, rounds of blessing will again take place every few months by Tibetan Gurus in their professional outlets. Locate us here!