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A well-established player in the classic Taiwanese restaurant scene since 1972 – the Michelin-starred Din Tai Fung has always been at top of mind for their succulent soup dumplings (also known as ‘xiao long bao’). Apart from their delicious staple noodles and rice dishes, in this segment, we’re focusing on their out-of-the-norm savoury and sweet dishes that are absolutely taste-worthy to tantalise your tastebuds.

Special Features: Oriental Lattice with A Modern Twist

In Din Tai Fung, the interior is inspired by ancient Chinese mansions with wooden lattice designs that represents eternal love. It’s then complemented by a minimalist take on the wall-imprinted Chinese drawers that gives the eatery a modern romantic oriental look and feel while tucking into delectable Taiwanese dishes with mild Shanghainese influence. Order a variety of dishes to try and share during your dinner date, just like how the Taiwanese does it.

Spicy Bite: The Wake Up Appetiser

If you’re a fan of spicy dishes, the Spicy Sichuan Chicken dish is bound to have you on your feet with its chilled, poached and tender chicken drenched in hot and mildly sweet Sichuan pepper blend, alongside crunchy peanuts and sesame to awaken your tastebuds.
To simmer down the heat, order up glasses of wine that are exclusively available in Pavilion KL that is a match made in heaven with spicy treats.

Soupy Bite: 18 Perfect Golden Folds

The pork ‘xiao long bao’ in Din Tai Fung is the all-time favourite of many loyal patrons. If you take a peek into the open kitchen, observe how skilled chefs are carefully shaping the little soup-filled dumplings with consistent quality of 21g and 18 golden folds to reach the optimum level of soup encasing.

We were taught how to properly eat the infamous ‘xiao long bao’. First, dress the ginger with one dash of soy sauce and three dashes of vinegar that is imported from Taiwan. Then, drink the soup of the ‘xiao long bao’, dip it in the sauce, top with ginger and ascend to food-dumpling-heaven.

Refreshing Swig: A Zesty Gulp

Din Tai Fung houses the Sparkling Roselle drink using Roselle, a hibiscus species herb that is known for its mildly sweet and tangy natural flavours and blood circulation benefits. The Sparking Roselle drink is divine especially when pairing with Din Tai Fung’s delicacies.

Noodle Bite: A Light Slurp

Din Tai Fung serves the Minced Pork In Bean Sauce Dry Noodles (also known as ‘Zha Jiang Mian’) that is different than any other. Its lighter version follows Taiwanese tastebuds for a cleaner taste of the ingredients. The dish is a mixture of different elements that brings different delight textures such as minced pork, tofu and edamame that ties the whole dish together.

Rice Bite: The DTF Signature

Pork Chop Fried Rice is Din Tai Fung’s signature dish that uses Japanese rice grains coated with ‘kampung egg’ for a more savoury and satisfying bite, topped with premium pork chop. This has a Japanese element as Taiwan was colonised by Japan for 50 years. It’s especially evident through its use of Japanese-inspired ingredients and great customer services.

Crunchy Bite: The Taiwanese Starter

The Din Tai Fung house special - Oriental Salad is a Taiwanese staple starter dish that cleanses the palate with its zesty flavours and crunchy textures from a mixture of sea kelp, glass noodles, bean sprouts and dry bean curds with a splash of vinegar serve chilled.

Creamy Bite: Best of Two Worlds

A hidden gem that you can rarely find in other restaurants would be would be the super creamy and sticky dessert - Yam Paste Dessert. To get the optimum natural sweetness, this unique and delectable treat is pretty tricky to make as it requires constant stirring by hand for one hour each for two separate components - yam paste and pumpkin paste.

Chocolaty Bite: Wrapped Goodness

Din Tai Fung takes an unconventional twist on its signature “xiao long bao”, bringing you chocolate “xiao long bao” that encapsulates a chewy chocolate mochi filled with warm dark chocolate that’ll take you on a surprise sweet journey.

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