Huawei is one of the most recognized Smartphone brand in the world, especially with the likes of the Huawei Mate and P Series.

With the support and recognition given by the consumers, Huawei is currently ranked #1 in China, stands strong ranking #2 in terms of smartphone market share in Malaysia, and positioned #3 globally.

Today, Huawei has marked its foot print by having the first and largest flagship store @ Pavilion Elite, with the size of 4,476 sqft, strategically situated at the heart of KL, and offers a complete range of Huawei smart devices from the high end flagship smartphones to tablets and wearables, which will undoubtedly fit the needs of all consumers.

Apart from that, Huawei Flagship Store @ Pavilion Elite also come along with superior customer service in-store, where we aim to provide a holistic retail experience that reflects Huawei’s core philosophies of customer centricity and producing innovative smart devices.

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