IT Cake

Cuisine: Fusion

Cakes, Jumbo Breakfast, Korean Board Games

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It Cake made it’s first ever debut in Malaysia at Pavilion KL, where they incorporate a wonderful mix of cultures and a burst of sensorial surprises from their setting to eats. As their store name implies, It Cake started off with serving delicious mouth-watering cakes, now, they have set their wings to venture beyond cakes with delicious comfort food to make meal-time beyond only for food, but also for conversation and fun times.

- Cake Bite: The Top 3 -

At It Cake, the cakes are made with the finest ingredients imported from France and Australia that are incorporated in Korean cake baking that focuses on the balance of super rich flavours and texture with mild sweetness to uphold the quality of the ingredients. The 3 top-selling cakes in It Cake are: 

Red Velvet Cheesecake: It Cake’s Red Velvet cheesecake is 80% cream cheese where it gives a smooth and rich cheesy texture with a thin sponge that’s dense and luscious. 

Valrhona Dark Chocolate Cake: Layered between flakey waffles for an extra crunch texture amidst the rich and oh-so-sinful Valrhona dark chocolate.

Milkyway Cake: Taste a balance of fresh dairy cream milk and spongecake that’s infused with honey for a hint of natural sweetness.

- Mac Bite: Bread Bowl Of Wonders -

One of the latest comfort food edition at It Cake, ‘The Mac & Cheese Musketeers In Bread Bowl’ sets a new high for comfort delights where well-seasoned mac and cheese are baked inside a loaf of bread (without emptying the bread). Yes, mac and cheese intertwined with bread makes the dish not satiating and super palatable.

- Jumbo Bite: All Day Breakfast -

A major dish made for sharing - The Jumbo Breakfast is great for those who craves for breakfast for dinner that includes beef bacon, chicken ham, chicken and Beef sausages, baked beans, button mushrooms, tomatoes, french toast, potato wedge and choice of egg (scrambled, sunny side up or over easy). There’s also a side of fruit salad to balance out the savouriness of the meal. Who said you can’t have breakfast for dinner?

- Pancake Bite: The Stand Out Topping -

Pancakes are a staple Western comfort dish that’s normally eaten for breakfast. At It Cake, they’ve brought in the ‘Bacon Pancake’ dish to Pavilion KL that is perfect for a dinner date to share as it’s a huge savoury bacon twist on a pancake dish that hits on salty, sweet and sour tastebuds notes. One first bite, taste the super fluffy pancake, tangy strawberries, sweet caramelised bananas and savoury bacon which sets you on a heavenly float.

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