LIANG Sandwich Bar

Liang Sandwich Bar is considered a fast food chain in China, with over 12,000 outlets across 300 cities in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Korea, Japan, United States of America and Canada. It was only in 2013 that the brand propelled in value with the endorsement of Chinese pop superstar Jay Chou and movie star Meng Li, and soon after was labelled as “Number 1 scallion pancakes selling in China.

After 13 years of pursuit, “LIANG Sandwich Bar” brings you thousand layers of crunchy and delicious sandwich made of premium grade flour and non-GMO soybean oil as its main ingredients.

Now you can enjoy LIANG Sandwich in Pavilion KL that has a golden brown crispy outer-layer and fluffy inner-layer with fragrance smell of scallion oil. The inside is filled with varied ingredients such as egg crepe, chicken patty and vegetables ----- crispy and fluffy on the outside, packed with fillings on the inside.
China Sandwich Wrap
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