Mak's Chee Authentic Wanton

Mak’s Chee Authentic Wonton is a quick casual restaurant serving authentic Hong-Kong-style wonton noodles, using a nearly 100-year old recipe from the Mak’s Family that is originated from a street-side eatery in Guangzhou since 1923.

Mak’s Chee Authentic Wonton recipe is originated from a street-side eatery in Guangzhou before World War II by Mr. Mak Woon-Chee. The war brought the Mak’s Family to Hong Kong and Woon-Chee’s son, nicknamed Mak En, carried on the recipe and tradition by starting his own food stall in 1968.

From there on, the Mak’s brand grew in popularity in Hong Kong and the “golden fish shaped” wontons and the special homemade noodles were enjoyed by a long list of famous personalities such as the Former President of the Republic of China - Chiang Kai-Shek and First Lady Soong May-Ling; the infamous food critic Chua Lam as well as American chef, author & TV host Anthony Bourdain, have all tasted the wonton noodle recipe.

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