Mocof x Valorforce

MOCOF has created SPAZE Furniture for your flexible and innovative living in any dream space. As Malaysia's leading company specializing in innovative furniture, best known for murphy bed and desk in Malaysia,  MOCOF makes their own SPAZE and deliver it directly to you, worldwide. Without the middleman, we strive to deliver the best quality furniture for your money via single, fair, and honest pricing.

VALORFORCE is more than a masterpiece. When you choose VALORFORCE, you are not just trusting the impeccable craftsmanship and finest materials. You trust VALORFORCE with your legacy, because of the unrelenting promise to you. To always be better, to protect what matters. Choosing the right safe can be tricky. Especially because buying safes isn’t an everyday affair, and there are mountains of information out there. Don’t worry! VALORFORCE has got you covered.

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