PAUL is a 129 years French family business originates from Lille in North of France opened it's first and only PAUL outlet in Malaysia at Pavilion KL. It aims to spread authentic PAUL french experience and gives you the opportunity to appreciate French culture and heritage through its French products (bread, crepes, sandwiches, macarons, pastries, coffee and more).

1. Special Feature: PAUL Trio-cation

Being in PAUL, there are actually 3 different segments to choose from based on personal preference in terms of ambiance. First, is the main restaurant where the setting has an elegant Parisian feel with French music playing at the background. There is also a private room available for events that can accommodate up to 40 pax. To make reservations, call +603-2145 6000.

The second section is the Terrace for a casual bite. The final section is a kiosk made for take-away where you can select an array of tantalizing pastries, bread together with a hot cuppa on-the-go.

2. Dessert Swig: Sugar Rush High

For the adventurous sweet-tooth, venture to a whole new world of ice blended drinks - The Macaron Frappé where macarons are blended together with vanilla cream, ice and milk to create a sinfully sweet and addictive concoction. You can also choose other macaron flavours such as chocolate, pistachio, coffee, vanilla or salted caramel.

3. Cheesy Bite: Discover 'Pain De Mie'

One of the most authentic Parisian Cafe dish - The Croque Monsieur is the perfect dish to really appreciate the house-baked 'Pain De Mie' which means soft bread.

Turkey ham and French cheese - Emmental and BĂ©chamel cheese, melted into a gooey surprise are baked together to create a melty cheesy savoury dish.

4. Dainty Bite: 2 Bites Rule

We heard that Tartine dish is pretty rare in the French restaurant scene in Malaysia. At PAUL, savour the Tartine Beef, where freshly baked country bread is cut into 'two bites' pieces, topped with fragrant herbed cream cheese, sweet caramalised onion and juicy grilled sirloin steak with a dash of tangy balsamic glazing. The key of this dish is that it's a great sharing appetizer that plays well with different food component textures.

5. Fusion Bite: Why Not Pumpkin

There's always that one person that has a different taste from the crowd. So, for those who want to savour a unique but low-key Parisian dish, here's the Seafood Risotto. Risotto is usually cooked in a mushroom base but here the risotto prepared in a pumpkin base that brings out the natural sweetness of the pumpkin, it also has grilled king prawn, roasted salmon, squid, cherry tomatoes, sauteed mixed mushroom, parmesan cheese, and of course, the house-baked baguette crouton for that little Parisian touch.

6. Crackling Bite: Caramelised Layers

One of the sweet favourite - The Millefeuille Strawberry a.k.a napoleon is where caramalised puff pastries ate layered with a thick creme patisserie filling and fresh strawberries. This dessert needs precision in measurements and preparation as it takes real skills to ace it, the main goal at the end of the day is to maintain the crunchiness of the pastry. It has a harmonious flavour that springs between sweet caramel and tangy strawberries, neutralised by the creme patisserie.

All pastries and bread are made fresh everyday using the finest French flour (a secret blend from PAUL's recipe archives) and French butter which is the core of the dishes served.

7. Tea Bite: XXXL Version

The macarons served in PAUL is slightly different than usual as the size is huge, almost 5 times bigger than usual, hinting a purpose to share, or not. The macarons are made from almond flour to have a light and nutty aftertaste as has filling that is much more thicker than the usual macarons. It has a richer and more dense texture and flavour that is deliciously chewier.

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T&Cs: Valid for takeaway and dine in only.

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