Pigs & Wolf

Tourist Privilege: Buy 1 Free 1 on all cakes (Click for more info)

Pavilion Junior Privilege: Free Ice Cream Sundae with any purchase of the Wolf's Favorite pasta (Click for more info)

Silver Societe Privilege: Buy any coffee at RM5 nett. (Click for more info)

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The perfect place for families, co-workers and close friends to sit back and relax fuss-free on comfortable sofa equipped mahogany wooden chairs amidst the green ambiance that gives out a calm vibe. Lighten up the dinner mood with lovely chit-chat sessions together with porky-delights, specialty drinks and children’s specials.


Positioned as a family friendly restaurant, Pigs & Wolf is the one of the two restaurants in Pavilion Kuala Lumpur that has a children playroom to relieve your child from the digital world for a moment as it has a hub of a variety of games for your children to explore that ranges from a circus tent to fun board games.

The other accessible facilities includes a private room that can accommodate 12 pax for a private family dinner and friends gathering and a green-house concept private event space that can accommodate 50 pax to hold media launches and company dinners.

3.Happy Hour

What’s a dinner date with your friends and family without a little booze? Pigs & Wolf is one of the cheapest beer heaven in Bukit Bintang district as they pride for their special beer deals where one frozen mug (330ml) beer costs as low as RM8 nett.


Order up the signature dish – The Big Black Wolf Burger where a perfectly seared and juicy US pork, cheddar cheese and bacon bits patty is stacked with crunchy elements like fresh lettuce, tomatoes, bacon strip, crispy onion ring and cheddar slice. These ingredients then are sandwiched together with homemade toasted charcoal buns, making our first till last bite enjoyable with explosion of flavours and crispy textures, our favourite part is when the patty is oozing with melty cheese and licking our fingers after we’re done.

For the little ones, Pigs & Wolf has 4 kids’ meal selections: spaghetti bacon carbonara, spaghetti bacon aglio olio, spaghetti pork bolognaise and braised meatballs with potatoes. Each choice comes with a complimentary scoop of ice cream and soft drink (Qoo Apple Fuji/ Qoo White Grape).


A perfect sweet treat to end the dinner date is a decadent and creamy slice Nutella Torte, making every bite absolutely satisfying as each mouthful we get a dense but smooth texture that slowly slides in our throat, leaving chunky bits of hazelnut for us to appreciate the fine nut crunch and taste. In other words, it somehow resembles eating a chunky nutty version of Nutella which is a homerun for chunky spread lovers! 

6.What we love: The Wolf’s Favourite

The dish that stole the show for us is definitely the old time classic signature – The Wolf’s Favourite. A generous portion of pasta drenched in creamy white sauce, intertwined with bacon bits, mushrooms and assorted herbs for a hint of saltiness and umami flavours. The ultimate ingredient is none other than the perfect poached egg for us to slice open with a gentle stroke. As we mix it together, it gives the whole dish an extra creamy oomph, elevating our carbonara pasta experience.

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