Sincere Fine Watches

Beginning more than 50 years ago, from the humble roots of one man’s modest watch retail outlet in Singapore, Tay Boo Jiang’s venture into the watch retailing business has since blossomed spectacularly into that of a leading retailer and distributor of the world’s top watch brands in Asia. The journey of success, though often times pitted with challenges, has yielded forth abundant rewards, all bearing pride in this one brand achievement.

Since its establishment in 1954, Sincere has proven itself nimble and astute in understanding the desires and pursuits of watch connoisseurs and the rich and famous, providing timepieces which not only capture the spirit of growth but also reflect the spirit of adventure and individuality that each of its patrons possesses. This remarkable insight has given Sincere the ability to capture market trends and hone them to its advantage. The public is thus served with the utmost expertise and insight, ensuring an unparalleled

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