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We are TINY, a team with big dreams. We seek to enrich living spaces with beautifully designed home living products, no matter how small the home. By adapting Nordic design principles to the climate we live in, we have curated a TINY family of small furnishings, accessories and useful items that create a big impact. It all starts from a TINY idea.

We live in a world that is pushing us to own more. TINY wants to change that. We encourage people to see the huge potential of small amounts, narrow spaces and little rooms. 

When you live with enough, you are in harmony with your living space. Nothing is lacking or in abundance; everything is just right. It gives you the freedom to focus on the bigger picture––to enjoy a life filled with meaningful relationships and experiences.

All it takes is a simple shift in mindset: own what you need, and enjoy it to its fullest. Once you adopt this TINY idea, big life changes could happen.

Join us to embrace this TINY philosophy and begin a TINY adventure with us!
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