TSL Jewellery is currently one of the largest scale jewellers in Asia, principally engaged in jewellery design, retailing, export and manufacturing. The success of TSL Jewellery has been driven by a passion for progressiveness, quality and professionalism. With the vision of “Trend-setting Craftsmanship”, TSL has added sparkle to every precious moment in our lives with their exquisite diamond jewellery and precious gems.

In partnership with Rosy Blue, TSL was heavily committed to and very involved in creating the Estrella diamond, which navigates the seasons of one’s life. Estrella is a 100-facet diamond with a unique “Nine Hearts & One Blossom” pattern, producing a breakthrough in the level of sparkle amongst conventional diamonds and creating the most brilliant sparkle ever seen.

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*Not applicable to Nine Hearts, One Blossom, Diamond, Un-mounted Diamond, Pure Gold, Karat Gold, Platinum and Special-priced items. (Click for more info)