Win Jay Chou Carnival World Tour Consert – Nanyang Cafe


Participation Method:
STEP 1: One original receipt with RM50 or above (each receipt can only be used once)
STEP 2: Answer one simple question
STEP 3: Fill in personal information (name, ID number last 4 digit & contact number)
STEP 4: Drop in the designated draw box
Draw Method:
By the end of every SUNDAY will be the last day of the contest week.
One winner will be drawn every MONDAY, the result will be announced at NANYANG CAFE official Facebook page on the same day.
The winner will be notified by the participant’s contact number.
The winner must collect the prizes in person. (identity will be verified)
Terms and Conditions:
Each original receipt can only participate once.
Only applicable for dining & take-away customers only.
Delivery orders (Grab food & Food Panda) are not applicable.
After the weekly lucky draw ends, all forms submitted for the week will be invalid, participants need to submit a new form for the following week.
Participants agree and authorize Nanyang Cafe to record personal information for verification purposes.
All winners MUST collect the prizes in person, all winning tickets cannot be TRANSFERRED, RESOLD, or USED for other PURPOSES.
Nanyang Cafe reserves the rights to disqualify, cancel, and refuse any winner’s tickets entrance if necessary.
Participants must abide by all terms and regulations by Nanyang Cafe.
Participants must accept the final decision from Nanyang Cafe without dispute.
Nanyang Cafe reserves the right to amend the terms and prizes without prior notice.
Contest Dates:
01/07/2024 — 07/07/2024 (1st week)
08/07/2024 — 14/07/2024 (2nd week)
15/07/2024 — 21/07/2024 (3rd week)
22/07/2024 — 28/07/2024 (4th week)
29/07/2024 — 04/08/2024 (5th week)
05/08/2024 — 11/08/2024 (6th week)
12/08/2024 — 18/08/2024 (7th week)
19/08/2024 — 25/08/2024 (8th week)

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